Turbo Ultima 4 Series

“Power, lift and thrust”. Enhanced performance, bow and transom lift and load carrying ability. Resists ventilation and slip, particularly in turns and high engine trim levels. Excellent propeller for flats boats and other applications with high enginemounting height needing stern lift at hole shot and during acceleration. Suitable for V6 outboards utilizing a high engine-mounting or operating height, including those with jack plates. Excellent propeller for bay and flats boats due to stern lift at hole shot and during acceleration.
  • 4.75” gearcase, 14 ¼” diameter, right-hand rotation, pitches 13”,15”,17”,19”,21”,23”,25”
  • 4.75” gearcase, 14 ¼” diameter, left-hand rotation, pitches 13”,15”,17”,19”,21”,23”,25”
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