Turbo Hot Shot™ Series

“Turbo performance for smaller outboards”. Offers reduced slip, enhanced durability, better resistance to ventilation, increased performance, and improved fuel efficiency compared to some older aluminum designs. Specifically for smaller horsepower outboards from 18hp~70hp (depending on manufacturer), using the same high efficiency design of the larger Turbo® propellers. Increased performance and durability compared to aluminum propellers. 10 1/8” diameter propellers have pressed-in hubs. 10 1/2” and 11 3/4” diameter propellers use Guardian SQ-Lok™ system.
  • 3.0” gearcase, 10 1/8” diameter, right-hand rotation, pitches 10”,11”,12”,13”,14”,15”. (Pressed-in Hub)
  • 3.5” gearcase, 10 ½” diameter, right-hand rotation, pitches 10”,11”,12”,13”,14”,15”,16”,17”
  • 3.5” gearcase, 11 ¾” diameter, right-hand rotation, pitches 12”,13”,14”,15”,16”,17”,18”,19”
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