How They're Made

Like most stainless steel marine propellers, Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers Industries, Inc. uses a "lost wax" method to build propellers. It's a method that allows Precision Propeller to build a high quantity of propellers, including its Turbo brand, while maintaining consistent quality from prop to prop.

It takes special craftsmanship to actually make propeller water ready. Precision Propeller employs highly qualified individuals that put the necessary care into each propeller they build. Through constant training and inspection, each Precision Propeller employee knows the importance of building a high quality product. And each and every employee involved in building your propeller serves as a Quality Control Inspector of sorts.

Our props are investment castings. We begin by injecting wax into a mold to make a wax pattern of the propeller. The wax is coated, by dipping, with a ceramic material to create a shell. The wax is melted out, the ceramic shell is fired and then, in our own foundry, the hot ceramic shell is filled with molten stainless steel to produce the casting that will become a Turbo® prop. This total process control provides a casting with the greatest strength and durability.

Each casting is hand ground and brought to the correct contour. The mirror like finish is produced in our automated surface finishers. Then, it's off to our inspection lab to make sue everything is correct and ready to ship.

All of our props are our own special designs. Our CAD/CAM computer-directed machines make these designs a reality. Our test department people spend many hours boat testing to make sure the props perform the best.

Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers Industries, Inc. is an ISO 9001/2000 compliant company.

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