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Turbo® is a brand name for propellers, manufactured by Precision Propeller Industries, Inc. in Indianapolis, IN. Since 1969, Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers has been a manufacturer of high quality performance driven stainless steel propellers.

Jim Booe started Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers, Inc. as a prop repair service in 1969. Racing and race prop development occupied a good deal of Jim's time in those days and this background gave him the experience to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding high performance bass boat market. The bass boaters wanted to go fast and Jim's props made it happen.

Early in 1981, Jim produced the first of our investment cast one-piece stainless steel propellers and the development of the Turbo propeller had begun. It was not long before it became clear that sheer top speed was only a part of the need. Quick hole shot, load-handling ability, and stabilizing the boats handling led to the production of The Performance Prop. This approach appealed to stern drive runabout boaters and again the market expanded.

In July of 2008, the assets of Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers, Inc. were purchased by Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., and a new company was formed, Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers Industries, Inc. Together with our history of manufacturing quality boat propellers and Yamaha's resources, Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers Industries, Inc. is well positioned to lead in the world marine propeller markets.

Our Philosophy:

Because every boater is different and each has their own needs, Precision Propeller manufacturers over 200 different performance stainless steel propellers for outboard and stern drive engines, ranging from 18HP to 400HP. We've gone out into the marketplace and figured out what boaters need and what other props in the market didn't do to enhance boat performance. Our products will work in almost all boating niches and we've designed them to work across most engine lines, gear ratios, set ups, boat models and designs.

To put things simply, we strive to build propellers that: carry a load well, minimize steering torque, accelerate quickly (build up RPMs fast to launch boat) for good on plane time, minimize slip, provide an appropriate amount of bow lift, perform well when turning, maximize fuel efficiency and enhance the overall performance of the boat package in a particular use or application.

So whether you have a small jon boat for duck hunting, a runabout for skiing and cruising or an offshore triple engine tournament center console, Precision Propeller has the prop for you.

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